Our work


We recognize that our mental health is more important than any of us previously acknowledged and that sacrifices are still made every day. Mental illness impacts not only the veteran, but police, fire, their families and our communities. We aim to provide an inclusive and supportive environment, where everyone who supports our civil service members may join us to network, engage and support while having fun regardless of circumstances.

Aimed at creating a support network based on our unique experiences that will only further the bonds of our brotherhood while alleviating the financial burden that often prohibits our brothers and sisters from joining us; including league dues, ancillary fees, and equipment.

Building a solid foundation for which we can build our new 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to ensure the very core of our mission is realized, including partnerships with other veteran and first responder programs, such as, Operations Pay It Forward, who has been critical in our early success with the formation of three veteran based hockey clubs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

League & Ancillary Registration Fees

If there is a need, we will ensure that everyone has the ability to participate without being burdened by another bill. We understand that some sports are very expensive, and we won’t let that be a reason you cannot play. We will find you a spot on a roster.

Equipment, Regardless of Sport

We also provide equipment for anyone who needs it. Simply fill out our equipment form and we will be in touch to get you squared away. The sport you wish to play does not matter. We will provide you, within reason, any equipment necessary to play.

Learn to Play Opportunities for Children and Adults

We host various events throughout the year for adults and children to learn a new sport. If we do not currently have a team within your requested sport, our Athletic Director will find an opportunity and get you set up.


Get in touch

Have questions? Want to get involved? Let us know what you are interested in and lets make it happen!