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Operation Pay It Forward
Mar 16, 2023

Operation Pay It Forward

We were introduce to the OPIF team just about a year ago through a colleague of ours.  To say it was life changi...

Gravity V. Viggie
Oct 27, 2022

Gravity V. Viggie

Gravity V. Viggie is a team favorite. Great player and even better friend. He’s been playing since he can rememb...

Queen of the Rink

Sep 13, 2022

After every weekly game, a teammate is chosen to be the King or Queen of the Rink for the following week. It isn’t always the person who scored the most, just a person that works hard, puts on a smile, uplifts the team. That is Alana in a nutshell. She works her tail off every shift, is always happen, supports her team. Steve made a great choice in Alana.

Thanks for everything you do for us Alana! It wouldn’t be the same without you on the team. We greatly appreciate all your hard work and dedication!



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